Basic Information about Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN)

Bhutanese Community in The Netherlands (BCN) is an association of all the former Bhutanese Citizens who came to the Netherlands as refugees and are now living in the Netherlands. It is a non political, non profit, non religious and purely an association that runs through voluntary contributions from its members and sympathisers.

BCN was primarily formed in September 2009 for the following major purposes:- 

1.    To unite all the former Bhutanese Citizens who are living in The Netherlands after being evicted from Bhutan.
2.    To assist them for the effective integration in the Dutch Society with proper knowledge of Dutch Language and their ways of living.
3.    To work commonly for the preservation and promotion of our mother tongue, positive parts of our culture and traditions besides giving more focus to Dutch Language and integration.
4.    To show support and solidarity to both our community members and other communities during needs and emergencies.
5.    To provide platform for our community members to show their skills and talents by organizing periodic cultural programs, seminars, workshops, leadership trainings and other related productive gatherings.
6.    To act as a network with our communities living in other parts of the world and make effort to work together towards preserving our common history, documents and other precious articles.
7.    To make effort to bring awareness about our existance with our local communities and government by inviting them in our cultural and other events time to time.
8.    To make possible efforts for the reconnection with families and friends living back in Bhutan